Thursday, June 28, 2012

Command history in EclipseFP GHCi console

It seems to be a very basic functionality, but when you launch a GHCi session in EclipseFP, you don't have command history. You see the GHCi prompt, you can type all GHCi commands, but if you want to use the REPL repeatedly, you have the retype the same command every time. A few users have of course asked for command history.
Funny thing is, Eclipse doesn't give that out of the box, and on the web you can see a few frustrated people asking for it in their console views. But there seem to be no obvious solution. I was rapidly becoming one of these frustrated people, so I had a look.
The most obvious is to create our own view to handle GHCi interaction, and manage the GHCi process ourselves. Doable, but that means rewriting the whole console UI (multiple console, potentially different colors for input/output, etc). So instead I had a look at contributing to the console Eclipse opens for us.
Oh boy. As usual with Eclipse, the console API is quite daunting at first. You can create your own console, or you can just add contributors to the console UI, but since we're using the Eclipse standard classes for displaying a process, we're quite limited, and a lot of classes are created for us without any possibility of injecting our own. And nowhere did I find an easy way to just listen to what the user is sending to the process input stream!
So I didn't give up, and I managed to register key listeners and verify listeners on the actual console StyledText control, so I can listen to key presses and such. I then maintain the history of commands. There is a drop down action to see the list of commands, you can choose one from there, or you can use Control-Up and Control-Down to navigate the list. It also works when you paste in text from elsewhere. This will account for 95% of the cases, I hope. There are definitely things that don't work well: if you edit a command in the middle it won't record the proper one, for example, but these bugs I think I can live with for the moment.
For the moment it's enabled on interactive consoles (mainly for GHCi), but probably that code could be used outside of EclipseFP if anybody is interested. And of course if somebody has a better solution to the problem, let me know!

Command history will be part of the next minor release of EclipseFP, 2.3.1.


city said...
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Zhang Song said...

I suppose that EclipseFP has already been a sophisticated IDE for Haskell now. Just need a little bit hack and it perfectly run on my Windows 7. While I want the auto-bracket completion so bad! I appreciate your work very much!

Zhang Song said...
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