Monday, February 01, 2010

EclipseFP 1.110 released, with debugging support

I have released a new version of EclipseFP. OK, I haven't kept to the one-release-a-month schedule, but with the Christmas season and everything, I deserved a break.
I have fixed a few issues here and there (thanks for everybody who commented on the blog or used the Sourceforge tracker or forum), and tried to externalize strings into resources, but there's still a lot to be done on that subject.
I have mainly worked at integrating the GHCi debugger with the Eclipse debugging framework. This tutorial was really useful! Now what works is that you can set breakpoints in the source, and GHCi will stop at them if launched in debug mode in Eclipse. Once stopped (either via a breakpoint or if you use :step) you can see the bindings and force their evaluation (use the set value to variable function in Eclipse). You can also create some expressions and get them evaluated. Underneath with use GHCi commands like :show bindings, etc.
I have removed some obsolete preferences and added debugging preferences (stop on error/exception, use show instances...).
I'll be happy with any feedback on all these features. One thing missing is support for :hist when invoking :trace, tell me if you'd like that.


José Pedro Magalhães said...

I am right in assuming that EclipseFP does not work with ghc-6.12, since I can't install scion for 6.12?

JP Moresmau said...

I haven't tried with 6.12, to be honest, I'm still on 6.10.4, but the Scion devel branch should have been modified to compile under 6.12, according to comments, and these changes I have merged in my own scion branch. So it should work!
Try to compile nominolo's version ( If it compiles and my own branch doesn't ( let me know, I'll get 6.12 and fix it.

gamik said...
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gamik said...

works for me (Ubuntu 9.10, GHC 6.12.1)

> git clone
> cd scion
> cabal install

thanks for EclipseFP! :)

JP Moresmau said...

Yes, unfortunately you need the github version of scion to work with EclipseFP, the hackage version is way too old.
BTW, there are still issues running scion on GHC 6.12, I working on them.