Wednesday, December 01, 2010

EclipseFP 2.0.2 released

I am pleased to announce another release of EclipseFP. Version 2.0.2 should make installation of Scion easier, improve stability and performance of the parsing and building operations, and provide a few new functionalities. You can now configure where the "Open Definition" action will look for definitions (these can be in Haskell source code or Haddock pages): by default it will look in the dependent projects, in your GHC install doc folder, and on Hackage, but you can add more locations in the preferences. You can also generate source distribution via a project export command (that calls cabal sdist).

The release notes are here. To install or upgrade, just point your Eclipse to Be sure to configure both the GHC path and the Cabal path in the preferences.

Happy Haskell hacking!