Thursday, May 14, 2015

EclipseFP end of life (from me at least)

Hello, after a few years and several releases, I am now stopping the maintenance of EclipseFP and its companion Haskell packages (BuildWrapper, ghc-pkg-lib and scion-browser). If anybody wants to take over I' ll gladly give them all what's required to get started. Feel free to fork and continue!

Why am I stopping? Not for a very specific reason, though seeing that I had to adapt BuildWrapper to GHC 7.10 didn't exactly fill me with joy, but more generally I got tired of being the single maintainer for this project. I got a few pull requests over the years and some people have at some stage participated (thanks to you, you know who you are!), but not enough, and the biggest part of the work has been always on my shoulders. Let's say I got tired of getting an endless stream of issues reports and enhancement requests with nobody stepping up to actually address them.

Also, I don't think on the Haskell side it makes sense for me to keep on working on a GHC API wrapper like BuildWrapper. There are other alternatives, and with the release of ide-backend, backed up by FPComplete, a real company staffed by competent people who seem to have more that 24 hours per day to hack on Haskell tools, it makes more sense to have consolidation there.

The goal of EclipseFP was to make it easy for Java developers or other Eclipse users to move to Haskell, and I think this has been a failure, mainly due to the inherent complexity of the setup (the Haskell stack and the Java stack) and the technical challenges of integrating GHC and Cabal in a complex IDE like Eclipse. Of course we could have done better with the constraints we were operating under, but if more eyes had looked at the code and more hands had worked on deck we could have succeeded.

Personally I would now be interested in maybe getting the Atom editor to use ide-backend-client, or maybe work on a web based (but local) Haskell IDE. Some of my dabblings can be found at But I would much prefer to not work on my own, so if you have an open source project you think could do with my help, I'll be happy to hear about it!

I still think Haskell is a great language that would deserve a top-notch IDE, for newbies and experts alike, and I hope one day we'll get there.

For you EclipseFP users, you can of course keep using it as long as it works, but if no other maintainers step up, down the line you'll have to look for other options, as compatibility with the Haskell ecosystem will not be assured. Good luck!

Happy Haskell Hacking!