Monday, September 28, 2009

Haskell development in Eclipse

I have started contributing to the eclipsefp project. For those who don't know, it's a Eclipse-based environment for developing in Haskell.
EclipseFP has had a troubled history so far. Leif started the project and developed an impressive set of features. He then pursued the Cohatoe project to be able to write Eclipse plugins inm Haskell, in a effort to avoid rewriting in Java all kind of things that already existed in Haskell. And then this summer Thomas started integrating with Scion, which is a Haskell library that communicates with JSON data over simple sockets with non Haskell clients. Scion offers method to load Cabal projects, type check files, etc... That work is not finished, but Leif and Thomas have done such a great job that it's easy enough now to finish the missing bits here and there.
This is perfect for me: part of the work is in Java and Eclipse, which is a lot of what I do in my day job, so I can bring a lot of experience there. Scion is a small enough library that need to be extended to provide me with all I want, so I can do little enhancements in Haskell and slowly build on features. And, last but not least, I need to learn the GHC API (which is what Scion uses to parse, check and compile files), to find what I need for.
This will only enhance my knowledge of Haskell, and I hope that I'll be able to make something useful to provide Haskell hackers with another IDE to develop in.
For those interested, the github repositories where my current work can be found are: