Friday, July 10, 2009

Mazes of Monad: 1.0.5 and (maybe) final version uploaded

I've uploaded yesterday on Hackage the 1.0.5 version of my Role Playing Game called Mazes of Monad. I think this will be the last upload unless some big bugs are found. But I think I'll stop here in terms of functionality. It was fun, I learned a lot about Haskell, both on programming with the language, and on how to design Haskell code. Working on a full project over a long period of time forced me to actually understand code I had written previously and make it evolve instead of just having a clean slate.

I also realized than while developing a game is a lot of fun, the actual programming is the, ahem, easy part. I find that the actual game design (how to get usable and useful features) and the tweaking of the difficulty, for example, are the most challenging. For a while my test character was quite a strong warrior and I thought the game was easy, so I changed some settings to make it harder, then I realized that I had made it quite hard to start with a poor naked wizard that knew only one spell... I can see that balancing all the different game settings and getting the right formulas is critical, and that only comes from testing and collecting feedback...

Anyway, I have ideas for other games, probably the next one will be web based to have some kind of GUI and be multi player, maybe using happstack as the server (or should I just use a little home grown server in Haskell, for fun?). I'll keep on posting about that!