Monday, March 21, 2011

EclipseFP 2.0.4 released: supports GHC 7!

Hello, the demand was HUGE (well, everything is relative :-)) for a version of EclipseFP that could build and run on GHC7. Since the 2.0.3 release there is now a Haskell Platform release that contains GHC7, so we had no excuse... And there it is! Thanks have to go mainly to Alejandro Serrano, for getting Scion to compile with GHC7 and to Thomas Schilling and Matti Niemenmaa, who upgraded their libraries for GHC7.

So what we have is a scion backend that should build both with 6.12 and 7.0, and hopefully work the same on both. We now support test-suite sections in Cabal files, with limited support for running test suites (running just cabal test with no options).

On my To Do list are full support for test-suites (having full launch configurations for Cabal defined tests) and HLint integration. But I'd also like to work on my own project, so don't expect that a release every two weeks is going to be our normal cruising speed.

As usual, just install from the Eclipse update site:, and bug reports or feature requests should go to the SourceForge forum or the development mailing list.

Happy Haskell Hacking!

Monday, March 07, 2011

EclipseFP 2.0.3 released

It's my pleasure to release EclipseFP version 2.0.3. EclipseFP is a set of Eclipse plugins for Haskell development. Scooter and I have tried to add a few features and hopefully to fix the bugs that were reported by users.

Main things in this version are code completion templates, which enables you to code even quicker!! We also enhanced the Cabal support (you can now set Cabal flags from the project properties, run Cabal install on the project) and simplified the installation (more settings are auto detected).

EclipseFP is alive and well (I use it for all my Haskell work) so please send us all your feedback, bug reports, feature requests!

Use the standard Eclipse Updates Site  or download files. Enjoy!