Friday, August 03, 2012

EclipseFP 2.3.1 released

It's my pleasure to announce a new release of EclipseFP, the Eclipse plugins for Haskell development.

Main features in that release are command history in GHCi console and Stylish Haskell integration (see my previous post).
We've also enhanced tooltips, that now use HTML rendering and can combine errors/warnings with "thing at point" information. The error markers also show again squiggly lines at their exact location.

I'm pleased to be able to say "we" once again. Martijn Schrage has heavily contributed to this release, both on the Haskell and Eclipse sides. Thanks Martijn for the great work!

There are also releases of buildwrapper and scion-browser, the EclipseFP Haskell helper executables.
Update your plugins via the EclipseFP update site (, as usual. You can view the release notes here.

Happy Haskell Hacking!


Tom Crockett said...

I get this error when I try to install the plugin:

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software currently installed: FP: Haskell support for Eclipse 2.3.1 ( 2.3.1)
Missing requirement: Haskell Plug-in 2.2.4 (net.sf.eclipsefp.haskell 2.2.4) requires 'bundle net.sf.eclipsefp.haskell.haddock 0.0.0' but it could not be found
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: FP: Haskell support for Eclipse 2.3.1 ( 2.3.1)
To: net.sf.eclipsefp.haskell [2.2.4]

Tom Crockett said...

FWIW, I tried on both Eclipse 3.7.2 and 4.2 and got the same result in both cases.

JP Moresmau said...

Somebody else reported the same issue, but of course it works here. Maybe try to install a 2.2.4 and then upgrade to 2.3.1...

JP Moresmau said...

I've also reuploaded all the plugins that were regenerated, even the ones with unchanged version numbers, just in case, so you try removing all eclipse fp plugins and reinstalling. Eclipse dependencies seem weird sometimes.

JA said...


Using Eclipse 4.2.1 and EclipseFP 2.3.2 on Windows7 64bits.

You mention a tooltips feature in Eclipse. My issue is about the "code assistance" (my word) tooltip box size: It seems too small.
Eg when you mouse over "putStr" you get the signature ("putStr:: String->IO()"), modulename (System.IO), and usual description ("Write a string to the standard output...").
In this example, the tooltip box window which pops-up is only 1 row high, and need to be resized to see the full contents. This needs to be done on every new mouse over events.

I wonder if this is a bug, or a behaviour that can be modified within Eclipse preferences menu?

Thanks for your help

JP Moresmau said...

JA, it's a bug I'd say, but it doesn't do it in my version of Eclipse, so it'll be hard to fix... And no, there is preferences to set the minimum size or such. Sorry! The code should resize the popup so it can display all the contents, unless it's really to big... Maybe I'll add a minimum size too.

JP Moresmau said...

JA, the bug about the tooltip size has I think been squashed! A user that had the same issue reports it fix with the development version of EclipseFP (to be released as 2.5.0)