Friday, April 20, 2007

Haskell code, Java UI

It's been while since I've posted anything, mainly because work crises and holidays have kept me busy or away from my keyboard. I'm still playing with Haskell and user interfaces, I've now developed the same Maze game in HGL, Flex with a Haskell web back end, and WXHaskell. I've looked at trying to implement some declarative syntax that would simplify WXHaskell code but haven't gone very far, I think I'm trying to run in Haskell before I can walk straight!
Anyway, I was looking at Business Objects' Quark framework based on the CAL language. You can find more details here, but basically CAL is a Haskell-inspired impure functional language implemented in Java, that can use Java classes and methods. The impurity comes from not using monads to access Java, if I understand well, which means that you can declare pure functional methods that in fact access Java objects, that can do all kind of stateful voodoo under the covers. While I'm not sure this is really A Good Thing, having Haskell and Java intertwined brings some interesting ideas in the realm of Haskell UIs. Swing and Java are now mature, reasonably fast and cross platform. If I can get my pure Haskell code to talk to a Java GUI, I could get quite happy indeed...

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