Friday, November 30, 2007

Haskell design patterns are (probably) needed

I was reading that post, and thinking: well when I start a Haskell project (for fun, yes, I don't use Haskell in work) I do wonder how best to design it. Yes I know about higher order functions, generics and such, but I don't think these low level constructs are enough to express, on their own, the design of the system as the design patterns from the GoF do. I would love to see patterns on how to allow extensibility, separation of concerns and such in Haskell. Years of experience in Java mean that I see a lot of things in terms of objects, inheritance vs composition, interfaces, etc, and not all of that apply in Haskell. I see a lot of low level algorithms in Haskell, but few software design papers (papers like this one are useful, we need more of them).

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