Monday, April 18, 2011

Pirates 0.2: fixes and a chat interface

I released a little update to my Pirates Yesod/Canvas game. Nothing too dramatic, but the new version, still at boasts:

  • Fixes in the collision detection code
  • A chat interface, so you can talk to the other ship you're fighting with. Stock up on pirates insults!
  • Fixes in handling of games when a ship leaves the game before it's finished
As I said, nothing too fancy, but I find that polishing off bugs and adding unplanned features is often a good exercise, especially for personal projects where the temptation is great to just move to something else when it kinda works. The chat interface was interesting: the server side code was done in a few minutes, using the same event system as the rest, but I struggled longer with the HTML to get the right positions for everything, as usual... Now it's on the right hand side, outside of the canvas area, which makes the full game area much bigger than the original 800x600, but I don't think I get a lot of mobile users anyways (-;.

I could probably make the game more appealing long term by having a bigger area where more than 2 ships could battle, and have more of a RPG feel to it (maybe be able to log in and out so you keep your ship, be able to repair it in harbours, etc...). I'll see what I have time to do. Any suggestions welcome!


vincent said...

Un petit problème : si on bute contre un bord il faut tourner à 90 pour repartir. à 45° ça marche pas
Mais j'ai pas encore pu aller plus loin car il faut que je traduise les explications en français.

JP Moresmau said...

Si tu pointes vers le bord, tourner de 45° te fais toujours pointer vers le bord... Don ça me parait normal. Pour les explications en français, je devrais pouvoir rajouter selon le langage du navigateur. Tu peux cliquer sur les fléches et les canons sur le bateau en haut à coté des indications de "santé" ou utiliser les touches pour tourner et tirer!