Thursday, December 06, 2012

EclipseFP and HTF: demo video

The next version of EclipseFP will integrate with the upcoming version of HTF, a great Haskell Framework for automated tests. As a preview of things to come, I've uploaded a video on YouTube.
In this video, I create a small library project, using the tutorial code from the HTF tutorial, then use the HTF Test Suite wizard in the Cabal editor to generate automatically the cabal test-suite stanza, the main module and a test module per library module I want to test.
The I paste in the actual HTF code, and run the test suite. The results show in the new Haskell Test Results View. I correct the mistakes, wait for the rebuild, and the tests pass!

This will be part of the EclipseFP 2.3.3 release (or maybe I'll call it 2.4), that will be released probably as soon as HTF version 0.10 is released.

I'm still experimenting with screen captures and YouTube video, so apologies if the video is not crystal clear. Best viewed on the large viewer, I guess.

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neo said...

Looks nice! And your screencast got much better, it is in fact crystal clear now! :) Sometimes it was a bit fast and I had to pause the video. Maybe for the next one pretend that you are explaining what you're showing and then after uploading the video put in those text bubble overlays via this youtube editor stuff. Thumbs up!