Sunday, October 20, 2013

EclipseFP 2.5.5 released!

It is my pleasure to announce a new release of EclipseFP, version 2.5.5. EclipseFP are Eclipse plugins for Haskell development. This is mainly a bug fix release with only small enhancements, so I recommend everybody upgrade (from the update site
The release notes can be found here.

I'm hoping that the next release will be a major one, with big enhancements. So I'll gladly have contributors if people want to join the fun!

Happy Haskell Hacking!


Cosmin said...

I'm trying to install the EclipseFP pulgin from the Eclipse update site

During p2 install, my Kaspersky antivirus reports:

Detected object (file) is not active KHSE:Exploit.Java.Generic.a Unknown threat Today, 10:46

...and of course the installation fails...Is this for real or it's just a false positive?

JP Moresmau said...

Cosmin, you're the only one to ever report such a thing, so I think it's a false positive. Maybe contact your anti virus vendor. Of course if you're worried you can get the source code and build it from there.

Cosmin said...

Yep! Sorry!!! It's indeed a false alarm from the overly cautious Kaspersky anti-virus... anyway I installed it under Linux now and works fine!