Sunday, February 02, 2014

Beginning Haskell: the Book!

It's my pleasure to relay the news of the publication of a new Haskell book, Beginning Haskell. It's written by one of EclipseFP contributors, Alejandro, and I've had the pleasure to be a technical reviewer of the book. I learned a lot, so I can heartily recommend it! It takes the reader from the very basics of functional programming to some intermediate and advanced Haskell techniques. Alejandro of course talks about it better than me.

Happy Haskell Reading! Thanks Alejandro for the great work!


Arcsech said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JP Moresmau said...

Uh? The problem with building with aeson 0.7 have workaround explained in the issues section of the github site. Anyway, I've release a new version of buildwrapper that should build fine.

Arcsech said...

Hm, that might fix the problem I had on Ubuntu, which I believe was that error. But YAML fails to build on Windows, and on Fedora 20 I get this mess that nobody in #haskell could figure out:

JP Moresmau said...

rejecting: ghc-paths- (unknown package: ghc)

So ghc cannot access its own library??