Thursday, January 29, 2015

EclipseFP 2.6.4 released!

Hello all. I've just released EclipseFP 2.6.4, to provide a fix for people that could not create projects due to a NullPointerException. Unfortunately I am at the moment the only contributor to EclipseFP which means nobody else than myself tests it before a release, so regressions happen. I would love to see more people contribute and build from source!

A couple of fixes and small enhancements have been made, the release note are here.

Just update by pointing your Eclipse update feature to

Happy Haskell Hacking!


Rene said...

Many thanks. That helped. I was assuming it was just me!

Luke Evans said...

Just want to thank you again JP for all your fine work on EclipseFP. It's too bad that it's still a solo exercise.
IMHO we need a top-quality IDE for Haskell that truly supports the specific needs of Haskell developers. EclipseFP is definitely up there, but I fear for any significant project relying solely on the good graces of a single individual :(

Unfortunately, I'm not about to volunteer my time either (!). I feel like I'd be prepared to support an effort with monetary contributions if there had been such a thing. Anyway, I hope you don't feel discouraged and can still find the motivation to keep pushing significantly on EclipseFP. Thanks again.