Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Fun with NPM and Expo

Some time ago, I wrote a little game using React-Native so I could play around in Javascript with React, Mobile development and Redux. Yesterday I checked this project again on Github, and saw that there was a security issue Github detected and warned me about: the "merge" library had a vulnerability, reported in CVE-2018-16469. OK, time for action!
Of course, my project doesn't reference merge directly. It's a transitive dependency of jest. A quick check on the web showed that since I created the project, a lot of things have happened, so my project dependencies are lagging behind. So hopefully upgrading should solve my security issue.
I find instructions at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16073603/how-do-i-update-each-dependency-in-package-json-to-the-latest-version, so I run npm outdated, which indeed confirms a lot of my dependencies are old.
I install npm-check-updates:
npm i -g npm-check-updates
ncu -u
As indicated, and I get:
Hmmmmm... this is taking a long time. Your console is telling me to wait for input on stdin, but maybe that is not what you want.
Try specifying a package file explicitly with --packageFile package.json.
See https://github.com/tjunnone/npm-check-updates/issues/136#issuecomment-155721102

OK, then:
ncu -u --packageFile package.json

This updates everything, and then my app doesn't start anymore. Turns out a lot more changes have happened when I wasn't looking, and the react native starter app I created has now changed to use expo-cli. I find some instructions on how to change the npm scripts, but it doesn't solve everthing, I still get an error in the react-native-scripts main file, because the main entry also needs to be changed (thanks https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/register-root-component#i-created-my-project-before-sdk-18). Then it stills fails because the babel module has been renamed, thanks to https://forums.expo.io/t/problem-upgrading-to-sdk-31-cannot-find-babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-source/16246. And then on my expo client I get a Javascript mismatch error, that https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47763824/react-native-version-mismatch helped me solve...

OK, now my game starts again, I suppose I need to test it thoroughly because something may again decide to break... I did enjoy developing the game, but certainly managing the NPM vulnerabilities and the Javascript ecosystem pace of change can be challenging. I know this isn't an original thought, but experiencing it first hand is definitely an eye-opener!

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Thomas ten Cate said...

Welcome to the JavaScript world, where you have to deal with 10 new breakages just to get 1 bugfix.