Saturday, January 12, 2019

A little Go project: Cassandra + Elastic + GraphQL

I've put a littleproject on Github written in Go. It's a little database system that allows writing and reading objects, and do GraphQL queries on them. The main principle is that objects have a arbitrary String ID that is like a path, separated by slashes, and deleting an item with a given ID deletes also items with "children" ids.

For fun, I used Cassandra as the main data store, since it's optimized for fast writes and loads of data; we never delete anything, we just keep every state of an object as history. Text searches are done on the last version of objects using Elastic. GraphQL support allows to follow object namespace relationships.

I've used the following main libraries:

I also provide Dockerfiles to deploy either just the database systems for testing, or the whole application.

I'm not sure this can be useful as is for anybody, but this was for me to try Go on a real-life project. Apart from the gotchas I've wrote about before, it was a rather painless and enjoyable experience.

Happy Go Hacking!

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