Friday, March 16, 2012

Heads-up: EclipseFP moving to Java 1.6

Up to now EclipseFP kept Java 1.5 compatibility. Java 6 does not bring that much in terms of API so I was happy to keep it that way. However, I moved a few months back to Eclipse Indigo and since then I've had problem generating the plugin code. I have the feeling that exporting plugins compiled with a 1.6 JDK in 1.5 compatibility mode didn't work well (ending up in errors like "class java.lang.Object could not be resolved", which is scary enough in Java). So I bit the bullet and changed the compatibility level on all plugins. They do now require 1.6.
This change will come in EclipseFP 2.2.4 which I think will be released pretty soon (next week maybe) with a few minor enhancements. So if you were still stuck with Java 1.5, get ready to move... I suppose it will not affect many people anyway, but I'd rather warn in advance to avoid nasty surprises...

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