Friday, March 09, 2012

Revamping Haddock generation in EclipseFP

My attention was attracted to Haddock documentation generation when Serguei Trofimovich tried to build the documentation for buildwrapper. Not only did he fix some issues with it in my code (thanks Serguei!), but I then realized that I couldn't build the docs from EclipseFP. EclipseFP does provide a Haddock generation wizard, but it forgets to pass the proper GHC options, so if you reference hidden packages for example it won't work. The wizard seemed also very complex.
So I did what I do best, I hacked and slashed. I've removed the full haddock plugin and replaced it with a one page export wizard that uses cabal haddock, and only exposes the options cabal haddock supports. Works well.
So if ever you're reading this and you were using the old Haddock wizard in EclipseFP and really you need some features from it to be kept, give me a shout! Otherwise, you can have a look at the new wizard by getting the source from github.

Hopefully I'll release version 2.2.4 of EclipseFP soon enough, anyway.

Happy Haskell Hacking (and slashing :-))!


Maciej Piechotka said...

Sorry - did or will EclipseFP get an option of importing existing cabal projects? I tried it few months ago and it was a blocker for me.

JP Moresmau said...

What do you mean exactly? I do that all the time, copy an existing cabal project in the workspace, then do new Haskell Project, it won't overwrite any of the files. You can also use the import project facility of Eclipse. Can you precise what you're trying to do and what fails?