Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EclipseFP + cabal-dev

Some of EclipseFP users had a dream: use cabal-dev sandboxing capabilities to manage their Haskell projects in EclipseFP.  Well, we're getting there. I've uploaded a video of the current state of EclipseFP and cabal-dev integration. The workflow is as follows:
- Fill in the cabal-dev location in the preferences page. Once this is filled, all your Haskell packages will be sandboxed
- Create projects as you would normally
- In the Cabal editor, local projects will now be available as dependencies. When you select a project as a dependency, a project reference is created by Eclipse. The dependent project is then installed in the current project sandbox
- Building, autocomplete, GHCi sessions, etc. will use the project sandbox

Under the scenes, we're only using cabal-dev install --sandbox=.... Thanks Rogan for the help!

This will be part of EclipseFP 2.5.0. I urge adventurous hackers to get the current version from github and start testing!

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